Ymlaen Moelyci – Project Manager

Ymlaen Moelyci is an initiative originated by former Cwm Harry Land Trust project manager Colin Keyse.

Colin has lived in Tregarth since 2003 when he and his family moved to Tynyclwt Farm. Tynyclwt, like Moelyci, is a former Penrhyn estate farm and has been in Colin’s wife’s family since 1951. Colin has a background in the both business and the third sector in North Wales, having previously worked for the BBC in Cardiff from 1983-1990. Between 1994-2000 he was commercial manager of the Llangollen Railway plc and for three years a director of North Wales Tourism Ltd. He joined the Wales Council for Voluntary Action in 2001 and managed three environmental grant schemes totalling £24m awarding grants to over 400 community projects of all sizes ( including three to projects based at Moelyci). In 2007 he started his own consultancy company and provided a range of development and support services to social enterprises in Wales, principally in the field of community recycling and resource management. In 2013 he was recruited by a former client, Cwm Harry Land Trust to head up a European-funded project dealing with a novel Biomass to biofuel process, led by the University of Kassel. During this time, he introduced Cwm Harry to the board of Moelyci Environmental Centre Ltd. and became involved in the rescue of the farm from near bankruptcy at that time.