From Moelyci Environmental Centre Board:

Dear members and friends,

You may have seen our update recently that explains how the sale of the farm is progressing. We hope you have a degree of confidence that, despite the trials and tribulations of recent times, the farm and its community benefit are being secured to the best of our ability.
The most used part of the farm, the lower farm (Lots 1 and 2), is being sold to a series of buyers who have agreed to continue to build the environmental quality of the land and to keep the farm open to the community and to optimise the social benefits. Ymlaen Moelyci Cyf has worked tirelessly to make this future possible and will continue to develop opportubnities at Ffarm Moelyci.

How can I find out more about the future of Ffarm Moelyci?

If you would like to be kept informed with news from Ffarm Moelyci, hear about events and activities etc. then you need to FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW and subscribe to Ymlaen Moelyci’s subscribers list.

MEC, as stated in our earlier update, will not be undertaking any future marketing to those registered on our database. Your only chance to keep in touch with Ffarm Moelyci activities is to opt in to Ymlaen Moelyci’s database using THE LINK BELOW.

The great work undertaken by this community over the last fifteen years is not being lost. The future of the farm lies with its new owners. To lend them your support and keep in touch with what they are doing then register for their newsletter.