Investors so far / declared and undeclared

So far we have solid commitments for lots 1 & 2 of Ffarm Moelyci:

  • The ‘Nature Reserve’ (The Ffridd + Cae’r Afon and SSSI fields) – local ecologists. – Conserve as a SSSI species –rich habitat.
  • The farmhouse and curtilage. Renovation and conversion to high quality holiday accommodation.
  • The allotment fields. 1 or more groups of plot holders. Continuation as allotments.
  • The Composting site a local Environmental organisation. Continuation as an operational base for land management and hopefully biomass processing.
  • The Shop/Cafe and market garden. Continuation and development of present role.
  • Grazing inkeeping with SSSI and habitat managment – A local Welsh farm grazier and maybe the odd donkey!