How we got here and where we want to be

The fundamental difference in Ymlaen Moelyci’s approach is to move from a co-operative model to a collaborative one.

In the past, the parent organisation at Moelyci has consulted on, but retained responsibility for the delivery of almost every aspect of the activities that took place on the farm. This included fundraising for strategic projects utilising both grants and loan finance secured against the property. Thus when several misfortunes strike in quick succession, the security of the whole farm is threatened. The Ymlaen Moelyci model asks each participating person or organisation to invest their own money in securing their plot, field or building through a very long lease. This demands an up-front payment which together will remove the threats the present owners, the Moelyci Environmental Centre Ltd.

Over the last three and a half years, the tremendous progress made by the tenant: Cwm Harry Land Trust has visibly revitalised the farm, fired new enthusiasm and set out a road map for major strategic developments on the site. Ymlaen Moelyci will strive to preserve the enormous value of this work and keep these opportunities open for the benefit of all. We very much hope that Cwm Harry will continue their role at Moelyci as one of the consortium members. It is likely that Ymlaen Moelyci will not be able to cover all the historic liabilities through sales of leases or asset-swaps and that both some short-term borrowing and fundraising will be required to set the new organisation on a firm footing. The difference we hope, will be that instead of a ‘black hole’ of debt, any future appeals will be for short-term, achievable targets and also for investment in discrete improvements to the viability of the site, rather than for bail-outs.