Consortium bid timeline

The timescale for assembling this initiative is extremely tight.

  • Ymlaen Moelyci must have its’ principle players and structure in place by mid September 2017, and have its offer to purchase the farm presented by the third week of October.
  • Even if completion of the sale does not take place immediately, a very high level of confidence has to be given that Ymlaen Moelcyi can and will complete its purchase within the timescale set out in their bid.
  • At the time of writing ( late August ) Ymlaen Moelyci has received Expressions of Interest from seven different parties in land parcels worth collectively at up to £700,000.
  • A second tier of transactions could see a further £250,000 of contingent liabilities removed, leaving around £100,000 still to find.
  • Ymlaen Moelyci’s objective is to make sure that everyone who has contributed in good faith to the farm in various ways so far, has the value of their investment returned or protected in full, if possible.

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